Street Sweeping

The City of San Jacinto contracts street sweeping services through CR&R Incorporated. Citywide street sweeping services are performed twice each month.

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Effective July 1, 2015, the City of San Jacinto is enforcing street sweeping parking restrictions. Vehicles parked on the street on assigned street sweeping days will be ticketed. We appreciate your assistance in keeping the streets clear on your scheduled day.

Please review the included street sweeping map & schedule to join with us in providing the maximum street sweeper effectiveness in your neighborhood.

If you get a citation...
You can pay the citation online:
If you have questions about the citation, you can call: 1 (800) 989-2058

Payment Plan Options...
(California State Legislature AB 503, AB 2544 "indigent"). Qualified indigents are eligible for special payment options. To qualify, please provide the information: Proof of Indigence. Contact City Hall for help submitting your information at (951) 487-7330.

Questions about street sweeping?
CR&R Incorporated:
1706 Goetz Rd, Perris CA 92570

Phone: (951) 443-0529 or (800) 755-8112
Fax: (951) 657-5493

What You Can Do

Parking signYour help is needed to make this program successful. Please keep the streets clear on street sweeping day, by doing the following:

  • Park off the street
    Please park vehicles off the street prior to your scheduled day.
  • Remove trash cans & other obstructions from the street
    Remove any trash containers, portable basketball hoops & RV access ramps from the street or gutter.
  • Keep your street trees trimmed
    Trim any low obstructing tree branches (private trees only).
  • Don't blow or sweep leaves and other debris into the street
    Avoid blowing, piling, raking or sweeping leaves or other debris in the street or gutter. Street sweepers are not designed to pick up large pieces, piles or wet debris.

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