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Here are the answers to common questions that residents have...

  • How do I pay my San Jacinto water bill?
    The City is pleased to offer several options for paying your San Jacinto Municipal Utility bill. Please go to our Bill Payment Options for additional details.
  • Where can I pay my cable bill?
    Call Time Warner Cable at (887) 475-3127. You can also pay your cable bill online.
  • Who can I call to get my utilities turned on? I just recently moved to San Jacinto and I don't know what the numbers are.
    Here are the phone numbers for the local utility providers:
    • Water
      Eastern Municipal District: (951) 928-3777
      San Jacinto Water District: (951) 654-7337
    • Electric
      Southern California Edison: (800) 655-4555
    • Telephone
      Verizon: (800) 483-4000
    • Trash
      CC&R Waste Services: (951) 943-1991
    • Cable
      Call Time Warner Cable at (887) 475-3127
    • Gas
      Southern California Gas: (800) 427-2200
  • Who do I call if there's a large open field behind my house with very tall weeds, as well as tumbleweed? I'm sure it's a fire hazard.
    The City of San Jacinto Code Enforcement can help you with that.
    You can call them at (951) 487-7330.
  • I would like to start my new business in San Jacinto and I need information on obtaining a business license. Where can I get one?
    Visit the Community Development Department at 595 S. San Jacinto Ave. to get a packet of materials that outlines the process and provides valuable information about opening your business.You can also check the starting your business page of this web site.
  • I would like to get a marriage license. Where do I go?
    The County of Riverside Recorder maintains the official records for marriage records, birth, and death records. Visit the County Recorder's Office web site...

    Here's where you can get additional records:
    Certified copies of Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates
  • There is a stray dog in my backyard. I don't know which neighbor he belongs to. How can I get the dog removed?
    Contact Ramona Animal Control at: (951) 487-6565.
  • How do I report a traffic signal that isn't working properly?
    Contact the Signal Division: (951) 654-4041
  • I'm in a new tract and they are not sweeping the streets, also construction debris is not being picked up by the developer. Who can I call?
    Call Street Sweeping at (951) 654-4041.
  • There are new homes being built in my area, and the construction crew doesn't clean up as they should when work is completed each day. Can someone talk to the developer?
    Contact the Code Enforcement Department at (951) 487-7330.
  • How can I get a job working for the City?
    You can access and print out a pdf version of the city job application and the current job announcements on the Job Openings page. You can also visit City Hall at 595 S. San Jacinto Avenue to pick up a printed copy of the city job application and see the current job announcements.

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