San Jacinto is home to a diverse population. Currently, the population of San Jacinto is 45,563**.

Population has grown 172% since 1990
Current Population: 45,563
Median Age: 33.6
Average Household Size: 3.38

San Jacinto's Largest Employers

San Jacinto has a diverse business and job base that includes the manufacturing sector as well as the non-manufacturing sector of agriculture, retail and other support services. Principal manufacturing products include electronic components, mobile homes, casting and parts assembly. Retail, service and medical providers are also valued industries. The area’s labor force includes professional, skilled and semi-skilled workers.

Skyline Corporation and Edelbrock Corporation.

Agri-Empire, Super Wal-Mart, Stater Bros. Market #121, Stater Bros. Market #180, Cardenas Market, and The Country Club of Soboba.

Municipalities/ Public Services
City of San Jacinto, Riverside County, San Jacinto Unified School District, and Mt. San Jacinto College – San Jacinto Campus

**State of California, Department of Finance, Demographic Research Census 2014 estimates New


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