Water Utilities

water divisionThe interior 50% of Water service for the City of San Jacinto is provided by the San Jacinto City Water Division and the other 50% outer areas of the City are served by Eastern Municipal Water District.

For information about starting service and bill payment, see San Jacinto Municipal Utilities.

Mission Statement

  • Continuously provide a safe and potable drinking water supply
  • To provide adequate fire suppression at all times to the City
  • Maintaining sufficient sources of water for present and future needs
  • Continuously testing and treating the City Water supply
  • Planning ahead to anticipate future water needs
  • Protecting water supplies from potential contamination

City Water System

The City’s existing water distribution system consists of approximately 125-miles of water mains ranging in size from 4 to 18 inches in diameter.

The City’s water system currently has 3-storage tanks with a total capacity of 3.5 million gallons.  The City’s water system is presently served by 4 active wells. The City also maintains all fire hydrants, system flushing program, repairs mainline and service leaks, reads water meters on a monthly basis and collects water quality samples on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. 

The City responds to will-serve, customer requests, fire flow testing and dig alerts. City water staff is in the process of mapping of the entire City’s water line system, valves, fire hydrants, etc. for future GIS integration.

Water Conservation

EMWD Announces “Stage 2 mandatory water restrictions
faucetEMWD’s requests for voluntarily practicing efficient watering habits are now mandatory. For example, hosing down hard surfaces, daytime irrigation, allowing runoff and leaks are now prohibited, rather than requested.
- Read the Stage 2 news release
- See San Jacinto's Water Conservation Ordinance

Learn 20 Ways to use water wisely a guide from EMWD.

Check out these sites for water saving tips and information:
- www.bewaterwise.com
- www.usewaterwisely.org

please conserve water

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