Police Volunteer Forces

The City of San Jacinto Police Department has the following volunteer divisions. Select a division to see more information:

Mounted Posse
mounted posseThe posse's activities include: mounted training, assist with search and rescue, high visibility patrol, and working special events.

Both horse and rider train throughout the year in crowd control, defensive tactics, search and rescue, tracking and more. Members must volunteer a minimum of 16 hours each month, attending monthly team meetings and be willing to use their mount/bridle equipment.

Please contact Investigator Doug Frey at (951) 487-7367 for additional information.

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VolunteersThe San Jacinto Police Department Volunteers consist of 16 dedicated men and women who assist the San Jacinto Police Department in daily operations. The volunteers typically provide over 5000 hours annually of extra eyes and ears patrolling the city. The volunteers routinely assisted the police department with emergency call outs at crime scenes, traffic accidents, special events and other critical incidents.

Please contact Community Service Officer Vanessa Torres or Volunteer Coordinator Armida Basquez at (951) 654‑2702 for additional information.

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Law Enforcement Exploring is a division of the Boy Scouts of America that gives young men and women between the ages of 14 and 21 a hands-on look at what a career in law enforcement is about. Many of the explorers who have graduated from this program have accepted careers in law enforcement. Explorers typically assist at public events, station activities, and holiday events.

Please contact Community Service Officer Kyle Layvas at (951) 654-2702 for additional information.

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