The City of San Jacinto was founded in 1870, and incorporated in 1888, and began contracting with the Riverside County Fire Department for fire and emergency services in 1996.

The City's fire service is provided by two fire stations located in the City:

Fire Department Mission

The mission of the San Jacinto Fire Department is to provide effective emergency service to the public in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner.  Employees assigned to the battalion shall fulfill this mission in a manner consistent with the following values and expectations:

Professionalism:  Means more than just being highly skilled or doing your job well.  It's an attitude, which is reflected in our conduct, appearance, and relationships with others.  The degree of professionalism we exhibit is a reflection of the pride we have in ourselves and the City we serve.

Teamwork:  Is essential to achieve our mission.  Teamwork requires that we support and rely upon one another in an atmosphere of shared responsibility, without the "It's not my job" attitude.  Honesty, communication, trust, and a sense of fairness are essential to foster teamwork.

Accountability:   Accepting responsibility for our actions, or lack thereof, is a mark of a professional.  The duties performed by each of us contribute to overall achievement of the City Fire Department’s mission and we must be accountable for our role in this effort.

Productivity:   Is the amount of work performed.  Because much of the work we perform cannot be measured in the traditional sense, productivity must be measured against our personal capabilities.  Being a productive employee means giving our best effort to every task, every day.

Communication:   The freedom to express one's thoughts and ideas are essential to creating a positive work environment.  Each of us has the responsibility to offer constructive comments and criticisms for the improvement of our operation as well as the right to expect that our concerns will be received and considered in a fair and non-judgmental manner. 

Initiative:   Is the ability to identify tasks or issues and take the necessary steps to resolve them, without being directed.  We must take the initiative to solve problems, rather than ignoring them, hoping they will go away.

Respect:   For each other and ourselves is the foundation for developing positive interpersonal relationships and creating a healthy work environment.  Every employee has the right to be treated fairly and equitably in a work environment free from any forms of harassment or discrimination.  Anything less is unacceptable, not because it's a violation of a policy or rule, but because it is simply wrong.



Dave Cabral t
Battalion Chief
(951) 654-1481

Fire Station 25
132 S. San Jacinto Ave.
(951) 654-7912

Fire Station 78
2450 W. Cottonwood Ave.
(951) 654-7637