Commercial Cannabis/Marijuana Permitting

Note: the commercial sale of marijuana and marijuana products (i.e., dispensaries) is strictly PROHIBITED throughout the City.

Cultivation Permits

The City Council adopted Ordinance 16-10 on February 2, 2017, which added Chapter 9.28B establishing the Commercial Marijuana Cultivation (COMC) regulatory permit.  Then on June 6, 2017, the City Council adopted Ordinance 17-02 amending Title 17 of the Municipal Code establishing land use standards under a Commercial Marijuana Cultivation Permit (CMCP) Land Use Permit.  The permit applications follow.

Cultivation Area Maps

Commercial marijuana cultivation is permitted in two areas of the City. 

Cultivation Rules

Some of the basic standards for marijuana cultivation are noted below.

  • Indoor and outdoor cultivation requires a minimum growing area of 10,001-square-feet.
  • Indoor cultivation is only permitted in buildings on a lot/parcel not less than one acre in size.
  • Outdoor cultivation is only permitted on a minimum lot/parcel size of five acres.
  • The manufacture, distribution, and testing of marijuana and marijuana products is only permitted for marijuana grown on the site.
  • Permits are currently limited to eight indoor and eight outdoor cultivation permits city-wide.  At this time the City has received four applications for indoor cultivation and eight applications for outdoor cultivation.  The City accepts additional permit applications and has three applications for outdoor cultivation permits on a waiting list.
  • Additional requirements and conditions will apply.

Preparing Plans for a CMCP Application

The City has prepared a handout for preparing CMCP plans to help understand the application requirements:

Marijuana Tax Rates

The adopted Tax Rates for marijuana are as follows:

  • For cultivation:
    • $25 per square foot of space utilized in connection with the indoor cultivation.
    • $15 per square foot of space utilized in connection with the outdoor cultivation.
  • For other activities related to marijuana grown on-site:
    • $10 per square foot of space utilized in connection with distribution, transport, and any other commercial activity.
    • $15 per square foot of space utilized in connection with testing
    • $25 per square foot of space utilized in connection with the manufacturing of marijuana or marijuana products


Should you have any questions concerning Cannabis/Marijuana Activities please e-mail and a knowledgeable person will contact you with the information you requested.

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