Community Development

The Community Development Department has the overall responsibility for the implementation of development projects within the City, from the initial solicitation of a potential developer, to the formal review of plans, and the eventual inspection of the developing site.

More About this Department

There are several divisions within the Department, including:

  • Building, Safety Division
  • Code Enforcement Division
    The City of San Jacinto Code Enforcement Division enforces the municipal codes and zoning ordinances on private property throughout the City.
  • Current and Advanced Planning Divisions
    This is where you can find information about Environmental Impact studies and other public planning documents.
  • Economic Development Division
    This Division works closely with the City Manager's Office reaching out to new and existing businesses. The division is heavily involved in business retention, industrial attraction, and commercial development. The division also participates in City/Chamber joint promotions, business outreach, business networking and producing outreach brochures and other City publications. Demographic information, as well as development requirements and fee estimates for any parcel in the City are available upon request.
  • Redevelopment Agency
    This agency defines and addresses geographic areas within the City that require redevelopment, due to blight, lack of affordable housing, and/or economic distress.


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Sharon Paisley
Development Director
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595 S. San Jacinto Ave.
Building A
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Building & Safety Division
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Planning Division
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