Code Enforcement Division

“Keep It Safe, Keep It Beautiful”
A cooperative effort of the City of San Jacinto and its neighborhoods.

The City of San Jacinto Code Enforcement Division enforces the municipal codes and zoning ordinances on private property throughout the City.

Blight and nuisances can devalue, detract and degrade the quality of any neighborhood. The City has adopted codes that govern the use and maintenance of private property in order to enhance and protect the quality of life for all who work, live and play in the City of San Jacinto. The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for the enforcement of Codes, relating to neighborhood nuisances, health and safety, substandard housing, vehicle abatement, zoning/land use, illegal signs, weed abatement, business licenses and graffiti restitution.

Our Mission Statement:
It shall be the mission of the City of San Jacinto’s Code Enforcement Division to fairly, reasonably and with impartiality enforce the Building Codes, Municipal Codes  and Zoning Ordinances of the City of San Jacinto. Our goal is to ensure compliance for safe living and business operations, thereby protecting property and the quality of life for all City of San Jacinto residents.

Reporting Code Violations

The Code Enforcement Department generates cases through both proactive and reactive means. Both code violations that have been brought to the attention of the Department by citizens and those that have been generated by staff are addressed in a similar manner.

When residents and/or property owners do not voluntarily abate code violations that have been brought to their attention through verbal warnings or written letters, there are numerous avenues available to assist in gaining compliance. These include, but are not limited to, issuance of a written notice of violation/ warning documenting the violations; issuance of administrative citations that carry a fine of $100 - $500 per violation per day; and criminal citations to court; and property liens.

How Do I Report a Code Violation?

To report a code violation, call the Code Enforcement Department at 951.487.7330, fill out a complaint form online (print to fax (951-537-6388) or mail), or fill out a complaint form at City Hall located at 595 S San Jacinto Ave.

Junk A Clunker Program

If you have any old vehicles or motorcycles that you want to get rid of the Code Enforcement Division can do this for you free of charge.   All you have to do is call in to our code enforcement staff, make an appointment and sign a waiver and the City will come pick it up. Contact 951.487.7330.

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Code Enforcement Info
(951) 487-7330

clickReport a Code Violation
Fill out the online complaint form then print and fax (951-537-6388) or mail it to:
City of San Jacinto
595 S. San Jacinto Ave.
San Jacinto, CA 92583