San Jacinto River Levee, Stage 4 River Corridor Expansion

The proposed Project is a City Public Works and Public Safety project consisting of the construction and subsequent maintenance of a new levee and associated improvements. The proposed Project constitutes the expanded implementation of the 1975 Flood Control Master Plan for the Lower San Jacinto River Basin.

The existing river and levees do not provide 100-year flood protection. Recurring breaches of the existing levees have resulted in damage to agricultural lands, flooded roads, displaced local residents, and inundated large areas adjacent to the river. The existing unlined levees downstream of State Street and Sanderson Avenue could fail resulting in inundation of farmland and dairies with floodwater. Existing Levees and Floodplain for the location of the existing San Jacinto River and levees and associated 100-year floodplain in the Project area.

The proposed Project will provide the 100-year flood protection for approximately 1,955 acres of existing agriculture, active dairy operations, and roadways as well as existing development. The proposed Project will reduce the potential for breaches that allow floodwaters to come into contact with dairy wastes which can contaminate local surface waters, will reduce the potential for flooding and disruption of traffic circulation for the major transportation corridors of Ramona Expressway, State Street, and Sanderson Avenue within the city of San Jacinto, and will reduce flooding problems for hundreds of acres of property and allow the City to implement the City of San Jacinto General Plan.









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